Benefits Of Accreditation

OAFM Accreditation serves as a designation of professionalism and expertise for Family Mediators in Ontario.

Our detailed accreditation requirements act as a standard for the advanced education, experience, conduct and commitment of Ontario’s leading Family Mediators.

Our Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) designation has become the standard in Ontario, recognized by The Ministry of the Attorney General and in the Family Court System. Join hundreds of our Accredited AccFM (OAFM) Members and and lead the way for Family Mediation in Ontario.

Standards of Practice and Disclaimer

  • The development of Standards of Practice, the operational context within which the code of professional conduct should function, is a complex and difficult matter.
  • The OAFM is acutely aware of the ultimate need to certify competence in mediation practice in order to maintain the integrity of the process. However, due to the variety and divergent backgrounds of its practitioners, the unevenness in quality and availability of training, and the very recent emergence of mediation as a distinct profession, the OAFM is of the view that it would be premature to attempt to certify the competence of Accredited Family Mediators at this time.
  • Experience and outcome research will eventually provide the best information as to what constitutes high quality in mediation practice. At that point, a certification process will be more appropriate.
  • The OAFM does, however, have minimum standards of practice including education, training, supervision, and experience that form the basis of its accreditation designation.


Associate members applying for AccFM (OAFM) designation shall maintain the following items in order to remain in good standing and shall continue to do so in order to maintain their AccFM (OAFM) designation once they earn accreditation.


    Members must have their membership paid up-to-date to be in good standing and be eligible for AccFM (OAFM) designation.


    Applicants must endorse and adhere strictly to the OAFM code of professional conduct as set out in the Standards of Practice. No mediator shall venture into an area of practice beyond his/her own area of expertise.


    Each mediator must carry insurance which covers the practice of family mediation, with a minimum level of coverage of $1,000,000. It is the mediator’s responsibility to satisfy him or herself that his or her coverage applies to family mediation. The OAFM does not audit or verify insurance coverage held by member mediators, and members are solely responsible in the event of claims should the insurance coverage not apply to the practice of family mediation, or apply with limitations to coverage or for any other reason.

If a mediator’s membership is not in good standing, the mediator shall not use OAFM Accredited Family Mediator designation in any area of their professional practice.

Accreditation Application Process

Members applying for the Accredited Family Mediator designation of the OAFM are required to compile all information listed in the Accreditation requirements and submit it to the OAFM accreditation committee according to the OAFM Accreditation Application Checklist in their member portal. The application requires that scanned copies of all documents are uploaded and submitted online from within your OAFM Member Portal.

Applicants should retain a complete copy of the accreditation application package for their reference before forwarding the package to the accreditation committee, as the packages received by the OAFM will not be returned nor available to the applicants if later requested.

Application Review and Incomplete Applications

The OAFM accreditation committee meets on a quarterly basis. Incomplete applications are set aside as pending files and applicants are requested to provide the missing information.

The application file is considered closed after one year of the date when the last request for missing information was sent out, if no reply has been received from the applicant.

Any subsequent request for accreditation by the same applicant will be treated as a new application. Accordingly, the applicant will be required to again submit the application fee and all supporting documents.

Application Fee

Each application requires a one time processing fee of $450 (plus applicable taxes).

Lapsed Membership and Reinstatement of Accredited Family Mediators

A member in default on the 91st day after membership dues are due is deemed to have his or her membership lapsed. The following is required in order to reinstate the Accredited Family Mediation designation:

  • Payment of all back-dues up to a maximum of 2 years
  • Liability Insurance – minimum coverage of $1,000.000.00
  • Adherence to the Standards of Practice
  • Continuing Education to be assessed by the Accreditation Committee

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