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Family Mediator Training Course Providers

Trainers who have undertaken to deliver courses that meet the educational requirements of OAFM Accreditation


  1. AJEFO (French) - all courses
  2. Barrie Mediation Centre - all courses
  3. Antoinette Clark - Fundamentals and Advanced York MSW and PFMS DV/IPV Refresher
  4. Colleen Currie Law Services - all courses approved and course dates pending
  5. Cooperative Solutions - all courses approved and course dates pending
  6. Durham College - all courses
  7. Dr. Linda Ennis - Family Relations
  8. Family Mediation Training Canada - all courses, including the new Simulated Role Play Course
  9. Family Mediation Practicum Ontario - new Simulated Role Play Course
  10. Herzing College - all courses
  11. Humber College - Fundamentals of Family Mediation
  12. Kathryn d'Artois - Family Law and Screening for IPV/DV - course dates pending
  13. Mediation Centre - all courses
  14. Mediation North - all courses
  15. Mediation Training Centre - all courses
  16. Riverdale Mediation - all courses
  17. York University - all courses

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