Becoming an Accredited Elder Mediator

How to achieve AccEM (OAFM) Designation

Applicants for Elder Mediation Accreditation will fall into one of the following categories:

a.     Accredited Family Mediators who will be required to take 120 hours of Elder Mediation training offered by an OAFM approved Accredited Elder Mediation trainer;

b.     Certified Family Mediation Canada(“FMC”) Elder Mediators in good standing with FMC who can apply directly for Accredited Elder Mediator status if they are existing OAFM members;

c.     Individuals who have 80 hours of mediation training, which must include 21 hours of in-person education in Domestic Violence and Power Imbalance, will be required to take the 120 hours of Elder Mediation training offered by an OAFM approved Accredited Elder Mediator trainer, and

i.     in the case of Established Mediators, as defined in s. 3, no additional requirements;

ii.     in the case of applicants who have no practical mediation experience, the following experience or a combination thereof;

an internship, mentorship and/or practicum with an Accredited Elder Mediator or Certified Elder Mediator of one hundred (100) hours, or

100 hours of experience in a community of practice that has meaningful discourse about intergenerational dispute resolution and regularly engages in role plays, or

Submit proof of 100 hours of practical and direct experience dealing with the public in a professional capacity resolving conflict which would include:

a.     experience with intake appointments that include screening for domestic violence and power imbalances;

b.     facilitating discussions between persons who have adverse interests;

c.     experience with designing a safe process for persons who are resolving family, civil or intergenerational conflict.

To determine eligibility for either of these subcategories, applications will be reviewed by the Elder Mediation Committee for assessment. Responses will be provided within sixty (60) days.


Recognition of Prior Elder Mediation Training or Work Experience

Individuals from the above categories can apply to have substantive prior learning or work experience recognized as a component of their 120 hours of Elder Mediation training by applying for that recognition from the Elder Mediation Committee.  The criteria for assessing this knowledge or work experience will include, but not be limited to:

a.     prior specific course experience from recognized providers of elder mediation training, universities and colleges;

b.     participation in an approved practicum by an accredited or certified Elder Mediator.


Definition of Established Mediators

"Established Mediators" are those mediators who are actively mediating with;

a.     References from three (3) of their peers who are aware of their work in a direct way.   Each of the three (3) reference letters should confirm that the applicant has been a practising mediator;

b.     Curriculum Vitae;

c.     Proof of 10 year Membership in a licensed professional group.


AccEM Designation Application Requirements

To obtain an AccEM designation you will be required to complete an Application in your OAFM Member Portal and fill in your requirements at any time. Members are able to submit required information all at once or as they achieve and fulfill the necessary requirements.

OAFM will provide elder mediation, utilizing the Insight Model of mediation, in blocks of one week courses. This specialized training contains information on:

Topic (Hours)

  • Historical Background (1)
  • Multigenerational Families in Ontario (20)
  • Family and Elder Law (6)
  • Power Dynamics (5)
  • Elder Abuse (10)
  • Grief and Loss (5)
  • Positive Aging (5)
  • Dementia and Chronic Diseases (10)
  • Financial and Estate Issues (5)
  • Ethical Issues (5)
  • Guardianship (5)
  • Drafting a memo (2)
  • Context of Elder Mediation in Healthcare (3)
  • Community supports (3)
  • Building a Practice (2)
  • Reflective Practice (9)
  • Standards (1)
  • Exercises and Role plays (25)

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