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Family Mediation Advocacy

Your progress is our progress.

One of our central goals is to advance and support the careers of our members. It is only as a strong Family Mediation community that we can offer Ontario’s families and courts a definitive route to fair and peaceful conflict resolution.

Professional Development

OAFM Public Directory Conference & Workshops Family Mediation Network Family Mediation Advocacy OAFM Public Directory

OAFM Public Directory

All of our members have access to the OAFM’s online Family Mediation Network where members can manage their membership and stay in touch with the community.

Our AccFM (OAFM) designated members get the additional benefit of appearing in our public directory that showcases their profile details including contact information. The public directory allows families in need to locate a suitable AccFM (OAFM) member to acquire their services.

Conference & Workshops

The annual conference and professional development workshops bring Ontario’s Family Mediation community together to learn and share. These events are intended to give our members new insights to bring back to their communities, education or practice.

Family Mediation Network

The Family Mediation Network is your window into the OAFM community. It simplifies everything from staying informed through OAFM’s News Feed to managing your OAFM Membership. Our administrators can manage membership payments, applications, courses and insurance verification. You can also customize your profile with a description, contact information and a personal image or company logo.

Family Mediation Advocacy

OAFM advocates for Family Mediation and Standards of Practice across all of its channels in Ontario. That includes reaching out to Supporting and Student Members, and provincial organizations like the Ministry of the Attorney General and Family Court System. We also use our online directory and educational resources to give the public an effective way to learn about and engage Accredited Family Mediators (AccFM).

Discounted Rates

E&O Insurance, Mediate To Go and Insurance Benefits

E&O Insurance

We offer discounted liability (E&O) and personal (home & auto) insurance from LMS PROLINK to our Accredited and Associate Members. The insurance solutions are comprehensive and affordable, allowing members to save as much or more in insurance as the cost of their OAFM membership.

OAFM’s board conducted a comprehensive review of the E&O insurance available to the OAFM members. The following criteria was used for review and selection of the insurance provider list:

  • OAFM Members need better Value. They required better coverage at a competitive price
  • The E&O Insurance should be available for the services provided by the OAFM members
  • The broker should have sufficient capacity to effectively service OAFM members in a timely manner.
  • Broker should have experience in managing and administering professional liability programs
  • Broker should have access to a multiple array of insurance carriers that specialize in professional liability insurance in Canada.
  • Broker should be able to provide value added service to OAFM member by providing E&O education and additional insurance products to supplement their needs, and at preferred pricing.

After a comprehensive search, the OAFM board is pleased to announce a selection of insurance brokers for new and current members to choose from for their insurance needs.

LMS ProLink Ltd. 480 University Av. Suite 800
Toronto, ON M5G 1V2 Toll Free: 1-800-663-6828
Tel: 416-595-7484
Fax: 416-595-1649 Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. 3100 Steeles Ave East., Suite 101
Markham, ON L3R 8T3 Toll Free: 1-800-567-1279
Tel: 905-886-5630
Fax: 905-886-5622

Mediate To Go

Save time and modernize your practice with secure messaging, digital agreements and search engine optimization. For more information on what Mediate to Go can do for you, please visit www.mediate2go or watch the YouTube video.

To get the discount, enter the code adr-partner member, qualifying OAFM Members for 20% off the Mediate to Go Case Management and Directory Platform.

Insurance Benefits

EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE TO THE OAFM MEMBERS ONLY – Health, dental, life and disability benefits available with simplified underwriting from Your Friends With Benefits.

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