Louise M. Mimnagh J.D., M.A., B.A. (Hons), AccFM (OAFM)

Louise M. Mimnagh
Family Lawyers Collective LLP

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I am a London, Ontario family lawyer dedicated to addressing difficult family-based conflicts involving parenting orders, child support, spousal support, property, and all issues related to separation and divorce, as well as cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.

Issues Mediated

  • Separation and Divorce (parenting)
  • Separation and Divorce (child support &/or spousal support)
  • Separation and Divorce (financial and property division & equalization)
  • Separation and Divorce (comprehensive - all issues - parenting, support & property)
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Variation of terms of a domestic contract or court order


  • English

Areas Served

Family Lawyers Collective LLP
London , N6A 1J3
ON , Canada
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