Cori Kalinowski

Cori Kalinowski


In serving mediation clients, I first seek to understand what is important to them and then build a supportive process to guide them through the negotiation of terms for a separation agreement.

I bring to the mediation over 25 years of family law experience, a solid understanding of financial issues and strong desire to help families through separation.

Issues Mediated

  • Separation and Divorce (custody & access - parenting)
  • Separation and Divorce (child support &/or spousal support)
  • Separation and Divorce (financial and property division & equalization)
  • Separation and Divorce (comprehensive - all issues - parenting, support & property)
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Variation of terms of a domestic contract or court order
  • Family Business Mediation

Areas Served
Mississauga  North York  Oakville  Toronto 

2 Jane Street
Toronto , M6S 4W3
ON , Canada
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