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Change to Accreditation Critera


The Ontario Association for Family Mediation is committed to on-going improvement to qualification and training of Family Mediators in Ontario.  Many OAFM members, including past OAFM Board Presidents and current Board members worked very hard for several years  to improve the accreditation criteria.  Many of them, as well as many prospective mediators, have waited patiently for this implementation date to arrive. We are therefore pleased to announce upcoming changes to the training requirements to achieve an AccFM (OAFM) designation.  We apologize for any uncertainty while the criteria were being developed and we look forward to increased clarity for all as we continue to ensure that family mediators adhere to the highest possible standards.

The changes are being phased in so no one in the process of applying for the AccFM (OAFM) designation in the next several months need worry.  The changes are:

As of July 1, 2014, candidates for the Acc.FM designation must complete the following OAFM approved courses:

1.  Introduction to Mediation– 20 hours;

2.  Family Law – 21 hours or equivalent ("equivalent" meaning practicing family law lawyers or those mediators who have sufficient seniority in the field,

3.  Family Mediation – 40 hours;

4.  Screening for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances– 21 hours.

Candidates for accreditation who have completed their courses under the existing criteria will have a two-year period expiring June 30, 2016 within which to complete their internship and complete their application.  If they do not complete their application process by June 30, 2016 and apply on July 1, 2016 or after, they will have to meet the new education/training requirements specified above.