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Neeraj Goel
Neeraj Goel, Accredited Family Mediator and Family Lawyer

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If you are separating or divorcing from your spouse, I’m sure you are looking for answers about how things will work out in the future.  At first, I know that it’s hard to get your mind around how you will move on.  But, over and over again, I have watched my clients gracefully, with time, move forward.  As a family mediator, I help couples, who are separating reasonably amicably, to settle their legal issues in a practical, common sense and affordable way.

 In general, family mediation is often the most affordable process for a couple that is separating or divorcing in a reasonably amicable way.  The reason that mediation is often the least expensive process is because most of the negotiating is done with the assistance of one professional (the mediator) only.  Therefore, there is a savings of legal fees.  I find that family mediation does the least harm to a separating/divorcing couple’s relationship because the mediator is helping the couple to reach resolution, instead of helping them to fight amongst themselves.

In practice for 18 years, I have assisted hundreds of clients to separate and divorce in a respectful manner. Because I am also a family lawyer (and continue to represent select clients), I bring my legal knowledge and insight to my family mediation practice. I offer a competitive rate. I am well regarded by my colleagues in the legal and mediation communities.

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Issues Mediated

  • Separation and Divorce (child support &/or spousal support)
  • Separation and Divorce (financial and property division & equalization)
  • Separation and Divorce (comprehensive - all issues - parenting, support & property)
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Variation of terms of a domestic contract or court order


  • English

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